Balanced By Katie Physical Therapy

Dr. Katie D’Amato

Dr. Katie D’Amato has been a practicing physical therapist since 2009, specializing in outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine care. She received her Doctorate from Rutgers University in New Jersey. Growing up she was a competitive multisport athlete and played varsity tennis in college. In her professional career, she’s worked with runners, triathletes, surfers and high school and college athletes of all sports backgrounds. Katie enjoys understanding how the body moves most fluidly and efficiently to perform at its potential. She is also passionate about injury prevention or “prehab” along with implementing maintenance programs to keep her patients healthy and active. In 2015 she became a yoga instructor to bring yoga & mindfulness into her care. She is the founder of Balanced by Katie: Physical Therapy, Yoga, & Wellness, Inc.  She travels to her patients homes or offices to provide undistracted one on one care. In her holistic approach, Dr. D’Amato integrates yoga, breathwork, and functional movement training to empower patients to be mindful of their body and confident doing the activities they love for as long as they want.

“The name of Katie’s business captures the essence of what she offers to each of her patients perfectly- a balanced, thoughtful and integrative approach to living your best life (pain-free!). From the intake forms to treatment, it’s clear that she is passionate about caring for each person individually. Katie’s combination of yoga and physical therapy created a unique and effective session that left me feeling more physically confident. I did not even have any pain to begin with- Katie was still able to analyze my movement patterns and provide feedback that helped improve my own movement. If you’re looking for physical therapy that goes beyond the standard exercise routine, Katie is the perfect person to guide you.”

 Katelyn Parsons, CHHC


“I was immediately impressed by Katie’s thorough knowledge of the human body. She was able to quickly pinpoint problematic muscle groups and identify range of motion limitations. Through regular massage and a tailored exercise routine she helped to alleviate my daily discomfort as well as increase strength and mobility. I would not feel as good as I do today without her expertise.”

T.W. Patient and Surfer (Carlsbad, CA)