SCG Healthy Living

Thomas “Bo” Stephens

Most people understand that standing next to a microwave isn’t the best idea. However, very few people understand the health risks associated with prolonged exposure to strong electromagnetic fields created by 4/5G networks, household off-gassing from paint, glue, sealer, carpet, mold, wallboard, insulation, and other building materials. Studies have shown that toxic building materials can affect sleep and contribute to both daytime fatigue and depression.

My engineering experience, cleanroom exposure, and personal need to find building material alternatives has given me a strong understanding of how toxins interact with the environment and affect the human body. Using this knowledge, I’ve been able to design and build healthier homes and workplaces.

If you need an educated opinion about the toxins in your home or have a new building project, please contact SCG. There’s a lot of information available and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. SCG saves homeowners, architects, and builders time by expediting the process of sourcing non-toxic building material alternatives.

“As a Chiropractor in the field for 30 years, I have found more and more people suffer from electrical and EMF pollution. Even in my own home, my husband and I found our sleep less and less restful. Bo came to our home and found multiple areas with high-intensity electric and EMF pollution. Through some simple steps, we were able to bring the numbers way down, and we are finding sleep more restful and restorative. Thank you!”

Lisa Arthur, Chiropractor

“I love Bo Stephens. He has such a strong intention to make a difference in other people’s lives. He uses his vast knowledge of the environment and electromagnetic frequencies to help people create a more healthy workspace and living space. He helped our family and staff to decrease our electromagnetic field stress in our office and our house. Especially where we sleep still for 7-9 hours per day and work 8-10 hours a day My wife, family staff and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to decrease those kinds of stressors in their life and be more peaceful, vital and energetic.”

Gary Arthur, Chiropractor